Welcome to Mira Loma Christian Adult School

Mira Loma Christian Adult School is affiliated with Mira Loma Christian Church which is a non-profit organization. We offer our GED/HiSET Preparation Study Course. Our mission is to accommodate the educational needs of our adult community. Not only do we want to share that God wants the very best for all people, but we want to make adult education available to the many individuals who were unable to obtain their GED or HiSET Certificate. MLCAS would like to help to prepare you for the GED or HiSET State Tests in your area. Our prayer is that you may succeed and go on to higher education and in turn gain more opportunities for continued success and fulfillment in the future.

Mira Loma Christian Adult School (MLCAS) has a GED/HiSET Preparation Study Course that you can do in the convenience of your own home and at your own pace. This study course helps to prepare you to take the state exams. MLCAS, has specially formatted and designed our book “Digging Deeper” to help you understand each subject that you will need to know. It is easy to read and condensed so you can expedite the study program. It comes with assessment tests so you can test yourself and make sure that you comprehend the subject…then to make absolutely sure, go to the practice testing website that we provide in our information and test yourself one more time before taking your final exam.

If you pass both the Assessment Test and the Practice Test, then you are ready to make an appointment to take that final exam. We recommend that you only take one, no more than two final exams at a time to ensure that you have a better chance of passing the first time around, and now there are only 4 tests to pass. We provide for you the Book “Digging Deeper” with Assessment Tests, a list of testing sites in your area, access to websites for live chat tutoring and practice testing. Also we provide information to websites to make it convenient for you to register and make your appointment for the state final exams nearest to you.

GED/HiSET Preparation Study Course

Here is a list of benefits for taking this GED/HiSET Preparation Study Course:

1. You don’t have to attend night school.

2. You don’t have to locate your transcripts.

3. You don’t have to make up credits.

4. You can study in the convenience of your own home at your own pace.

5. You have an easier condensed smaller book that you can comprehend with assessment tests included to prove to yourself that you understand the subject and when you understand a subject, you can answer a question about that subject.

6. You have access to online live tutors.

7. You have access to online practice testing for both the GED and the HiSET.

8. You have 8 to 12 weeks time to study the book and take your final exams. If you need more time just call for an extension.

9. You receive a list of testing sites in your area and instructions on how to register for your final exams.

10. You also receive a tax deductable receipt for your donation. To learn more…. download the Enrollment Form and read it carefully.

NOTE: Former Graduates: Due to ongoing educational changes and regulations, if you need assistance with your certificate or transcripts please call our office. 951-681-0107